Emtrix - for healthy nails

About Nail Disorders

Emtrix - for healthy nails

The most common cause of all nail problems is nail fungus, but unsightly and discoloured nails can also be due to psoriasis, dry nails or superficial damage.

A dry nail breaks and flakes and often has a yellowish colour. Nails can also be hard and become thick, making the care of the nail more difficult. Infected toenails can grow so thick that shoes become uncomfortable.

Nail fungus is often perceived to be a niche problem, affecting few people. Quite the opposite, it is the most common nail disease and around 10% of the general population has the problem.

Emtrix - An effective treatment of discolored and deformed nails

Key Benefits

  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Effective on fungal nails
  • Rapid visible improvement
  • Easy to use
Emtrix - for healthy nails
Nail Fungus - a common disorder
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